Sunday Night Showcase with Tonstartssbandht

Sunday night gig at The Jaya Pub, Central Jakarta is not an unusual sight to see. The small but intimate bar has become a silent witness for a lot of performances ranging from new, upcoming artists to the big names in Indonesian indie scene. On December 7th, 2014 it was the turn of Floridian Psychedelic Pop outfit, Tonstartssbandht to perform at one of Jakarta’s most prestigious venue. Tonstartssbandht is a band consists of two brother, Andy White (Guitar, Vocals) and Edwin White (Drums, Vocals). Andy White (also known as Andy Buoy) has been known as a replacement for Peter Sagar in Mac DeMarco’s band. Pitchfork has dubbed Tonstartssbandht as a decent live band by stating “The best way to experience Tonstartssbandht’s music is to hear what the two brothers create in a live setting”. Thanks to Kaama Kaama x Studiorama x The Secret Agents, Jakarta indie music enthusiasts were able to witness and experience the brilliance of Andy White’s twelve-string guitar and the heart-thumping drums of Edwin White in the best way possible, live.

The gig started with a talkshow about “The Art of Touring”. The speakers were the member of Tonstartssbandht (Edwin and Andy themselves) and Teguh Wicaksono, the founder of “Sounds From The Corner” with the moderator, Xandega from Polka Wars. The talk show went perfectly well, with a couple of words from Teguh who underlined the importance of “the man behind the gig” itself to be able to help the small community of indie music enthusiasts especially in Jakarta going.

Before Tonsstartsbandht came on stage, there were three openers from Jakarta’s indie scene. Two new bands, Vow & Quarry and Bedchamber, and one band who has just returned from hiatus, It’s Different Class. The quality of these bands is very promising. Especially Bedchamber, which sounded a little bit like the mixture of Wild Nothing and Yuck. Bedchamber played several songs from their debut EP album, “Perrenials”, which was praised by several local zine as a one of the best releases of the year. Considering the age of the band members which was very young, it is a very great achievement for a new under-the-radar band.

It’s Different Class, who has just returned from hiatus, stole everyone’s attention that night. Performing several legendary songs such as “Matahari”, the lead vocalist Benji was able to control the crowd with a raunchy, rocking stage performance.

After the scorching performance from It’s Different Class, it was Tonstartssbandht’s turn to please the crowd with their fine tune and performance. They kicked their set with “Alright Medley”, the very first track from their latest album, “Overseas”. The song is a ten-minute plus track which serves as a canvas with Andy’s powerful lick out of his twelve-string guitar and Edwin’s heart-thumping drums as a solid brush of perfection. The song was a perfect start for the venture, which gained a lot of praises from the packed-crowd. Tonstartssbandht ended the show with a bang and solid performance. After witnessing the greatness from Andybuoy himself, we’re really looking forward to watch Andy again for the second time at Mac DeMarco’s set in Jakarta, next month. Thank you to Kaama Kaama, Superbad, and Studiorama for bringing Tonstartssbandht to Jakarta. This kind of gig is perfect thirst-quencher for Jakarta’s gig-aficionados and we’re keen to have another fun at a similar gig in the near future.

Pictures taken by Faisal Nugraha using Olympus Mju-II/Fuji C200