SVANAPaper 2014 Kaleidoscope : Best Local Picks


We are the ears of their music, and we are the home of their works. There’s nothing more exciting than listening to our local heroes showing off their amazing music. This year, we have compiled our 10 best local picks to recommend you some of the best albums which were released in 2014. From the current hype such as Tulus, to the up and comer like Gerald Situmorang. 2014 is full of beast music!

Bedchamber – Perennial
 photo BEDCHAMBER_zps43641a27.jpg
Why we love this album: The newcomer offers a fresh lo-fi indie pop, intertwined with youthful bass and beats that will make you nod along.

Our favourite pick: Petals

Danilla – Telisik
 photo danillia_e-flyer_zpsf44e59c5.jpg
Why we love this album: Telisik is Danilla’s debut album. With her soothing voice and poetic lyrics, she will take you back to 40 or 50 years back and let you imagine what young musicians and college students does in the 60′s with the sweet sound of bossa nova in her tracks in this album.

Our favourite pick: Buaian

Dried Cassava – Vol. 2: Sensitive Explosive
 photo dried_zpsfc02c5fd.jpg
Why we love this album: More mature. They know how to balancing their sound to touch their listeners.

Our favourite pick: Morpheus

Elephant Kind – Scenarios: A Short Film
 photo iTunesArtwork_EK_SCENARIOS_1440_zpsc26b2cd9.jpg
Why we love this album: We could dance our body throgh an eerie trance state with sound of jangly guitars and soulful synths! They deliver a concept of life with a scenario from short film.

Our favourite pick: Downhill

Gerald Situmorang Trio – Time Is The Answer
 photo 10300702_10204196502895890_2299976277782242093_n_zps7819194d.jpg
Why we love this album: No lyrics needed. That was just it. Gerald Situmorang Trio easily hit the emotions from each tracks in their debut album ‘Time Is The Answer’. When we listen to the album, all of the sudden, their modern jazz music rubs off the typical urban hectic life and turns it into a solid soothing tempo. Gerald Situmorang Trio is worth a listen.

Our favourite pick: Waving

Maliq & D’Essentials – Musik Pop
 photo Front-Cover-Musik-Pop-01_1440_zps45db2070.jpg
Why we love this album: The album is undeniably very well-polished. With contribution from Indra Lesmana, the album succesfully bring notable tracks such as ‘Himalaya’ and ‘Ananda’. What we can underline from ‘Musik Pop’ is Maliq & D’Essentials embrace and revive the golden quality of Indonesian Pop in the 70s and 80s.

Our favourite pick: Ananda

Matajiwa – 1
 photo 361b8-mata-jiwa_zpsd2f11b4d.jpg
Why we love this album: The combination of Reza’s distinctive percussion and Anda’s bluesy voice makes unpredictable twist and turn in each tracks. These two geniuses sure knows how to make a delightful surprises.

Our favourite pick: Woman

Neonomora – Seeds
 photo seedsneo_zpse90a2f67.jpg
Why we love this album: A modern pop music with a sensation classic components of coustic guitar, synthesizer, glockenspiel, and bold RnB into one fine full-length album.

Our favourite pick: Republic 106

Tulus – Gajah
 photo tluss_zps2b7c597d.jpg
Why we love this album: In this second album, Tulus brings out more cheerful tunes to swing along to. It’s so easy to fall in love with the groove he delivers.

Our favourite pick: Baru

Vague – Footsteps
 photo vague-footsteps_zps46648c41.jpg
Why we love this album: One of 90′s revivalist. Guitar disortion, bass raw, drum chaos, and vocal anger. We need to release our emotion and they tell us how.

Our favourite pick: Inadeaquate

(Reviews by : Andriani N, Michael Reily, Tiara Ayuwardhani, and Alcander Alonzo)