SVANAPaper 2014 Kaleidoscope : The Best Albums

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You are busy, and that’s pretty much the reason you miss all of the updates about the albums which are released in 2014. In the past eleven months, we have been sitting in our HQ to listen and curate some of our favorite albums this year, each of us picked our best ones to give you some of SVANAPaper’s best picks in 2014. These albums should be in your i-Tunes player.

(Sorted in alphabetical order)

1. Chromeo – White Women

After more than 10 years in the business, this Canadian boogie-duo is still at it, with more grooves that will awaken your inner dancing queen and force you out on the dance floor featuring collaborations with Toro Y Moi, Solange Knowles and Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig. The Toro Y Moi collaboration on”Come Alive”transporting them back to their electrofunk roots;the rippling guitar lines and pluckybass linesgiving way to a slick, multi-layered chorus.

Recommended Track: Come Alive (ft. Toro Y Moi)

2.FKA Twigs – LP1

Brit musician TahliahBernett hit it on the nail with her first full-length album, LP1. Being a shortlister for the Mercury Album Of The Year Award, FKA Twigs bring something fresh to her twist of Hip-Hop. The album highlights her growth that has been tended to since her first EP with “Water Me” and now is blossoming to something we’re all eager to listen to.

Recommended track: Video Girl


3.Interpol – El Pintor

After the disappointing release of their self-titled album in 2010, Interpol has showed us that they still have some capabilities under their belt with “El Pintor”, 39 minutes album which loaded with the songs that resembles the tracks from “Turn on The Bright Lights”, the album that leaped them into the big league. However, this album is still leaving the famous question, “Will Interpol ever topped Turn On The Bright Lights?”,hanging, Even though this album is not the legitimate answer, it is not a cheap take on that attempt but a nearly-there.

Recommended Track : Anywhere

4. Kasabian – 48:13

Kasabian are surely taking their latest album to the next level. With changing their musicality from the previous ones to have more electronic tunes. Eventhough 48:13 receives mixed reviews and debates regarding the changes of their style, we still praise Tom Cs’ effort to bring something new to the table. This may not their best work, but the album evolves their signature riffs to catchy synthesizers, and everything flows really well. All we can say is 48:13 adjusts with how modern a rock band can be, as we all know Kasabian have always been big with their status, and this predominantly electronic style, they might be starting for something bigger in the upcoming years.

Recommended Track : Bumblebee

5.Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence

A whole package musicality is in here. Pretty persistence lyrics, hot and cold tension ambience of music. Not to exaggerate everything, but ‘Ultraviolence’ should be considered as today’s masterpiece of music albums. With Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys produced it, the songs are composed with a beautiful dark tunes and combined with a sad and seductive of Del Rey’s voice. ‘Ultraviolence’ definitely reflects a maturity version of Lana Del Rey and the album is strongly giving an elevated soul of romanticism.

Recommended Track : Ultraviolence

6. Mac DeMarco – Salad Days

It’s hard to tell if Mac DeMarco is a merry prankster or a tortured soul, but either way, that ambivalence is one of DeMarco’s defining traits. Salad Days, his second full-length release, sees a richer and more assured refinement, as DeMarco becomes continues to grow in his slacker-rock ways. The laid-back melodies of his guitar creating a warm, watery groove that just begs for you to jump into. Layered with his quietly eloquent lyrics, Salad Days is as welcoming as a backyard hammock swaying in the wind.You’re unlikely to hear any other album this year with so many mentions of people’s mothers, but no one nails it like Mac does.

Recommended Track: Treat Her Better


7. Mø – No Mythologies To Follow

Karen Marie Ørsted adheres perfectly to the ever growingscene of electro-pop songstresses Copenhagen is producing. Being an album dedicated to the perplexities of young adulthood, you can expect this long awaited album to be carefree and full of life – just like the eccentric musician herself.

Recommended track: Pilgrim

8.Royal Blood – Royal Blood

It was hard to believe that this band is only consists of two persons when we hear their single, “Little Monster”, on our HQ. Royal Blood has delivered something that we haven’t heard in ages. Rhythmic sounds composed beautifully with a melodic riff that came from a tweaked bass. Nobody would have thought of that at the first place. We could easily spot another monstrous and festival-approved riffs on “Come on Over”, “Careless”, and “Out of the Black”. We won’t be too surprised if they emerge as a festival headliner in the future.

Recommended Track : Little Monster

9. SBTRKT – Wonder Where We Land

The second studio album from SBTRKT gives the same cool mood like what they give us in ‘SBTRKT’. ‘Wonder Where We Land’ highlights our favorites of SBTRKT’s music bass and R&B’s mixture of deep house. The album sounds very neat, moody yet very solid with help from quality vocals of Ezra Koenig, Raury, and Sampha. The core of ‘Wonder Where We Land’ gives a vision of chill ambience which once you dip your ears to the album, it swallows you to the deepest nuance of each well-structured tracks. Quoting from Paste Magazine, “This is an album about vision, movement and manifestation. It’s about removing oneself from the familiar to tap into the brain’s ability to create unprecedented and inspiring art. Success”.

Recommended Track : Temporary View

10. Warpaint – Warpaint

Forget the Haim sisters or Lauren Mayberry from CHVRCHES. The girls from Warpaint were known as the most adorable girls of indie scene (take a look at Swim Deep’s references of Jenny Lee Lindberg on their hit single, “King City” for example).  After setting off with their first album, “The Fool” in 2010, the girls from Los Angeles, California are back with their second self-titled album. This album has all the formula that catapulted them into the atmosphere. Layered guitar followed by Cocteau twins-esque vocals is a thing that we could still barely hear on this second album. However, they’re more daring to experiment on this second album. Even though there are several new and hip all-girl bands who are riding the stream, Warpaint will always remain as a titular queens of the 00s indie rock.

Recommended Tracks : Disco//Very

Here is the playlist of the recommended tracks from each albums, you’re welcome!