The Fantasy Sound from Seattle

Meet The Cellar Door, an indie band from Seattle, WA. Formed in September 2011 Sam Hoshin, Honnah Weber, Gabe Much, Colin Much and Kristianna Anderson has released their first EP ‘Springs’ with two song in it ’Spring and Ground’ and you can download it for free on their website. Last year they succeeded in becoming the winner of Microsoft’s Opportunity Rock 2012 and now they are busy to create their latest EP. Since the moment I heard their song for the first time I fell in love. Thanks to Facebook, I can have a little chat with them.

Can you tell me how you guys end up with The Cellar Door?

We had to pick a name for our first show, and I (Gabriel) picked the first name that came to mind! After the show it just stuck.

If your music has to be described in three words, what would it be?

Lyrically, woven, nostalgia.

What or who inspires you when you’re making your music? Do you have role models or something?

More than anything, we inspire each other in friendship and creative kinship. Our best songs were written collaborative, bouncing ideas off of each other in a quiet room.

If there’s a chance, who do you want to collaborate with?

Personally, I would LOVE to jam with Merrill Garbus of tUnE-yArDs. She writes wonderful music.

Since you’ve been working on your new EP, what do you want people to expect from it?

We want people to expect a distinct sense of fantasy.

When you’re producing/making your music do you make the music first or the lyric?

Depends on the song! Sometimes we start with a melody and find words, sometimes words then melody. But whichever you start with, the other half must flow naturally from the source.

 You guys are from Seattle right? How’s the music scene there?

The music scene is really great. People are all around friendly and it feels like everyone is in it together, looking out for one another.

What is your all time favourite song ever? One song that you listen over and over and you never get bored.

There was a while (Spring of 2012) where we listened to Settle Down by Kimbra, on repeat, for about a month

What does music means to you? Is this (being a musician) what you wanna do in your present and future?

Music for us means community. We love how it can gather people together, and will continue making music as long as we keep sight of that cause.