Welcoming a British Icon: Morrissey Live in Jakarta

In a week, Jakarta will be welcoming back the living British Icon, Morrissey. The former The Smith’s frontman is going to perform at Senayan Golf Driving Range on Wednesday, 12th October 2016. It has been four year since the last time Morrissey came to Jakarta. Presented by Kiosplay, Morrisey is making a stop in Jakarta from his world tour.

Morrissey concerts don’t come often enough around here. That is why it’s always a special thing to go to his gig. Here are seven ways you can prepare yourself for a special Morrissey concert

1. Dress like Morrissey

giphy (6)

It’s not a secret that Morrissey has a unique style that has become his signature. His style also evolves as he got older, but every era are iconic. They were so iconic, the never went out of style. An oversized shirt or sweater and rolled up Levi’s if you’re a fan of The Smith era of Morrissey. Or a metallic golden shirt to resemble a more mature Morrissey might be the look for you, don’t forget to pop a button or two. Don’t forget to wear some thick specs to complete the whole Morrissey look.

2. Hairstyle of an icon

giphy (8)

Morrissey’s style is iconic, but not as iconic as his hairstyle. He always managed to keep his hair up and neat. You have a week to master the look. Nothing a bit of hair gel can’t fix.

3. Move like Morrissey


What is the fun of going to a Morrissey concert without a little bit of dancing? Morrissey has one or two moves up on his sleeves that you can try. His groovy moves really are contagious, one look you can’t help but dance along. Remember it’s all about the hips, hands raising, and foot kicking. Although the kicking part may not be possible at the concert, but the other two are still doable.

4. Say whatever you want for once

giphy (3)

Morrissey is known as someone who is comfortable in saying anything on his mind.  He is a man of many words, many poetic and honest words. Although sometimes it got him in trouble, at least he is honest. Have you been admiring Morrissey for being an outspoken person? Well it’s about time you try the full Morrissey experience.

5. Bang some Brit pop-rock classics to get you pumped!

giphy (9)

Prepare yourself for some Morrissey classics with some other British pop-rock classics. Besides The Smiths, which is a must, there are a lot more bands that can get you pumped up and ready for Morrissey. Stone Roses and Oasis are two Brits pop-rock bands that were inspired by The Smith and Morrissey. Or maybe The Killers and Drowners might be another options.

6. Give yourself a pep talk

giphy (5)

Morrissey concerts are always emotional. On the day of the concert, don’t forget to give yourself a pep talk. Prepare yourself physically and most importantly, emotionally. It’s going to be an emotional ride, but worth taking.

7. Bring a poncho!

Jakarta’s weather is teasing us these past few weeks. The rain comes and goes as it please. So  save yourself some trouble and pack up your most colorful poncho to brace the rain.

You have a week to prepare yourself for the big day! For tickets and more information go to kiosplay.