Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Intriguing Side on ‘Mosquito’

By the time when the teaser of Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ fourth album was launched, people started assuming this album will be ‘Fever To Tell V.2.0, but when we dig more once the album is officially released, we definitely discover the different side of Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

If you want to hear the raw vocals and raw musics that the New Yorkers have on their first album, you’ll totally miss them out on Mosquito, as Karen O said to NME “So much feeling went into this record, it was the rope ladder thrown down into the ditch for us to climb up and dust ourselves off.” This fourth album actually gives you the second version of ‘It’s Blitz!’. The first track of this song is ‘Sacrilege’, it tells about a love story, well, we don’t want to discuss about the materials and the meanings of this song, but what is really interesting is Karen O’s idea to add gospel choirs at the end of the song, which gives a sacred-like ambiance or more religious’ point of view. For the next track, ‘Subway’, gives a gloomy with a sound of a subway train. The fact that Karen O wrote this song because she thinks the band should have a song that describes about New York, is not really delivering the point of the song. ‘Mosquito’ is probably the song that will be the band’s opener for their upcoming concerts, the song is really pumping, not as pumping as ‘Date With The Night’ or ‘Tick’, but if you are looking for the song that you’d like to karaoke for, this song will fit you most. Their ‘Under The Earth’ is our next favourite, it’s full with the heavy drums, and eventhough it sounds dark (or not so dark). ‘Area 52’ is the bomb! We’ll say that because this song is the closest one to the raw Yeah Yeah Yeahs, plus to confirm about the raw-ness of Area 52, Karen O confessed that this song has the roughest lyrics (after ‘Art Star’), it also has the best Nick’s riff in this album (there you go for those who scream a Fever To Tell-ish song!). Area 52 is obviously the song that has the richest materials among the other tracks. Their songs like ‘Despair’ and ‘Wedding Song’ are some of the song that show the genius part of the band’s musicality.

The fourth album is just different, it gives the different side of the band, intriguing and also less crazier. Most of the tracks offer dark and low tunes, and even for ‘Buried Alive’ features DrOctagon, the guest rap for the song. It’s just different. Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ three previous albums got nominated for Grammys, we were expecting the fourth would be the goal of the band to score the triumph, but after ripping the album, we are quite doubt this album will even be nominated. However, Yeah Yeah Yeahs are on their transition way, this album is just not their strongest work. Yeah Yeah Yeahs are not the party-punks anymore, the songs in ‘Mosquito’ are not the songs that will make Karen do some crazy stage acts, it’s the mature Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Mosquito :

1. Sacrilege 3:50
2. “Subway” 5:16
3. “Mosquito” 2:59
4. “Under the Earth” 4:18
5. “Slave” 4:06
6. “These Paths” 5:03
7. “Area 52″ 2:54
8. “Buried Alive” (featuring Dr. Octagon) 5:16
9. “Always” 4:07
10. “Despair” 4:48
11. “Wedding Song” 4:58