You’re The One For Us, Morrissey!

The wait is over! The congregation of britpop lovers finally got their aim in life accomplished. Morrissey, The former frontman of The Smiths who were the most important alternative rock band to emerge from the British independent music scene of the 1980s brought his Greatest Hits Tour to Jakarta on May 10th 2012.

By seeing how fast the tickets were sold (tickets for the standing area were sold out just in a couple of hours), we knew this concert would be super special something since we have been waiting for him in ages. As we entered the venue, we could see how Morrissey’s 80s style influenced most of the crowd in dressing up their way. Before Morrissey got to the stage, the crowd was treated with some of the music videos from 60s era, such as Shocking Blue, Sparks, New York Dolls, and Brigitte Bardot.

It was pretty nice to know that those series of videos were picked by Morrissey, and it was also on of the edgiest scene of the concert. Right when the clock ticked at 09.00 PM, the big white curtain fell to reveal a giant image of Oscar Wilde saying “Who Is Morrissey?”, by the time when Morrissey showed his appearance, the crowd exploded. The whole band was topless (except Boz, he decided to dress in a drag costume).

Performed How Soon Is Now? as the first song, the karaoke session started. The sound was beautifully harsh, with loud guitars sound plus the Indonesian flag imprinted onto two bass drums. But strange combination this of witty stage banter, overdriven sound and memorable indie pop set the tone for the remainder of the 90-minute show. And followed by another of his two hits, You Have Killed Me and You’re The One For Me, Fatty. Seeing how crazy the crowd, made Morrissey saying “I didnt expect this” and then the situation got crazier when the intro of Alma Matters played, the crowd was so ready to sing along every each part of this song.

Morrissey elected to fire up his performance with one of The Smiths’s song (after performing five of his own songs) Shoplifters Around The World Unite. The crowd was extremely strong to see how they have got shook for about seven songs and then he was back to his own ouvre and played Everyday Is Like Sunday. He alternately performed The Smiths’ song and then his own song. He soothed the crowd to have a little emotional meltdown with I Know It’s Over. The crowd wiped their emotional meltdown on the song First Of The Gang To Die, I got goosebumps when all the crowd started doing a mass choir of this song. One of the crowd even got a chance to be onstage and hugged him!.

On the next song Meat Is Murder, the sitaution was quite awkward because whil he performing this song he accompanied with footage of slaughterhouse poultry and cattle taken by “Meet Your Meat” video. It showed how Morrissey really concern of the violance towards animal, and maybe (assuming) this is why people need to know how the process of their food is. Getting another goosebumps, on song Let Me Kiss Youd, Morrissey took off his sweat-soaked shirt (which I imagine was a visual treat for ladies or maybe dudes who got hypnotized by his charisma) and threw it into the crowd. Whoever caught it could have squeezed the artist’s perspiration out and made a small fortune by selling Morrissey juice hahaha. He soon appeared again in a fresh shirt, which definitely wouldn’t stay fresh for long.

Performing song from his latest albums in 2009, Years Of Refusal, song I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris brought another greatness of his vocals. Before he performed Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me, he made a statement to United Nations, he said “We hope someone can save Syria because the United Nations are shit. United Nations? What United Nations?” and the crowd replied “Shit”. That was a very strong political statement, but it also such a wake up call to his fans that we gotta care with things around us and made us to think critically in a good way. I could see some people were swinging a bouquet flower and I really wished Morrissey to play one of The Smiths’ hits (and also my one of my favorites), This Charming Man, unfortunately it didn’t happen.

Performing another four songs from his solo, such as Ouija Board, To Give (The Reason I Live) , and I Will See You In A Far-Off Places, and Speedway, the show was about to come to an end. We cheered for like five minutes for an encore, the crowd on my right side even sang There’s A Light That Never Goes Out as a a signal to him to play this song, and we also kind of hoping that he would play Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want because he performed it on Singapore before. But I remembered that on this tour, Morrissey always changed his setlist, so it would be something that couldn’t be expected and more surprising. And finally, Morrissey hit the stage for another round, he said some line “Aku cinta kamu with all of my heart, may we never be further apart.” then he decided to put Stil Ill which is a song from The Smith’s very first album in 1984. When the show ended I felt surreal, I always hoped to see Morrissey in a live version before, but never thought in a million of years that this thing would happen to me. It was once in a lifetime chance to see a legend of britpop and a person who embrace an indie culture.

Thankfully, Morrissey was in a very good form and shape, it also amazed me of how he could hypnotize the crowd on his age. A long wait of him to have a show has paid off by a ninety minutes of his show, we really thank and praise to Indika Production for making our dreams come true. The quality of Morrissey will never be replaced. We dont think anyone who came away got dissapointed. People in Indonesia have been waiting for him maybe since the very first time they recognized music. In summary, it was one of the best night we have ever had in my entire life. It was a history. [Alcander Alonzo]