10 Reason Why You Must Come to DWP 2017

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Djakarta warehouse project is an annual event dance music festival presented by IsmayaLive, and it is not felt this year is their ninth year of holding the event. For 9 years they made the event, they have called hundreds of international artists to participate in the event, such as ladytron, late night alumni, breakbot, solomon, seth troxler, nina kraviz, knife party, cascade, cosmic gate, gesaffelstein, brodinski, chuckie , avicii, calvin harris, paul van dyk, markus schulz, armin van burren, above and beyond, david guetta, zedd, showtek, tiesto to martin garrix. Each event is held, they always managed to satisfy the partygoers in Indonesia, both in terms of service to consumers, good management, festival atmosphere, promo given until the visual presented presented extraordinary.
This year the Djakarta warehouse project is again present to satisfy the party goers to re-dance together at this extraordinary festival. With a theme very different from the previous event, ismaya presents a theme very different from the previous dwp. Curious ??? Here are 10 reasons why you should come to dwp this year.

1. As the biggest dance music festival in south east asia
Djakarta Warehouse Project has become the largest electronic dance music festival in South East Asia and has just won the second largest electronic dance music festival in Asia. More than 90,000 people attended Djakarta Warehouse Project 2016. This two-day music festival attracted more than 45,000 viewers on a daily basis which is slightly higher than the number of Japanese Ultra Music Festival crowds with a total audience of 120,000 in 3 days and this makes DWP the largest electronic dance music festival with the largest number of viewers per day in Southeast Asia. The three-day Sunburn festival in Goa is the single largest electronic dance music festival in Asia compared to the Djakarta Warehouse Project. This means dwp is the biggest festival event in southeast asia loh guys, they will celebrate the crowning in dwp this year. Imagine the festivities that will happen, they will give the best this year, bigger bigger and bigger festival.

2. Elrow Stage “Physcedelic Trip”
Dwp this year managed to bring ELROW STAGE to Indonesia. ELROW STAGE is a concept that is booming in the world, ELROW STAGE yesterday present itself at tomorrowland event.

Elrow stage in Djakarta warehouse project became the only one destination in southeast asia. And elrow party itself will carry the theme of PSYCHEDELIC TRIP for this dwp. After seeing the video, imagine the madness and excitement that will happen on the stage, let alone ELROW STAGE will be filled by international artists genre techno and house, there is Richie hawtin a.k.a plasticman, loco dice and also toni varga. Can not wait for partying at this stage, this is madness.

3. Garudha land transform to “GarudaBot”, Garuda fusion with Robot
Create a partygoers who gapernah absent in the event Djakarta warehouse project must know dud stage garudha land that is always transformed every year. Last year an eagle design with a burning wing flaunted itself to partygoers. And this year ismaya have a more crazy surprise again, yes GARUDA will transform into GARUDABOT. Hmm garuda fusion with robot? and do they use hydraulics any more crazy this year? Or his wings can fly, his head can rotate 360 ​​degrees? Or the garuda can transform like a transformer. This is Djakarta warehouse project! Be sure to attend this year’s dwp show. Its so amazing

3. The most wanted psychedelic trance, VINI VICI
Psy trance is the current booming genre in the world, a genre that combines psychedelic music and music trance into a powerful harmonization and has a very high interest in the world. This year’s Djakarta warehouse project manages to bring the most wanted producer and dj in the psytrance genre world, they are the vini vici group duo. Vini vici is obliged to watch this partygoers watch list this year. This year is their first time performing in Indonesia and Djakarta warehouse project, you will be invited to dance psychedelic with vini vici, Are you guys ready for “haaeeeeee yaaaahhh hooo haaaaa”.

4. 5 years to wait the proposal accepted, lets welcome to Flume
Founder and Christian Rijanto ceo ismaya has been trying to bring this international artist for 5 consecutive years, but ismaya has not had the opportunity to get it, this artist became one of the toplist of ismaya to be imported, the evidence 5tahun consecutive and new this year managed to bring it even though the country of origin of the artist is near that of Australia. Known for its remix song titled “you & me”, For the first time in Djakarta warehouse project, lets welcome FLUME.

5. Indonesian wonderkid and their gank, rich chigga, keith ape, higher brothers and joji
Wonder kid from Indonesia, a young and talented rapper, and is currently running his tour in the world. This month he will return to Indonesia only for the Djakarta warehouse project, but not only himself, he brings along his friends complete and only in Indonesia his complete formation. Hello partygoers lets welcome Rich Chigga, keith ape, higher brothers, joji.

6.First time in asia, other form from W&W “NWYR”
Nwyr is another form of W & W, a trance form from W & W. this is their first debut in asia, after the first one in tomorrowland yesterday. The announcement of this NWYR Djakarta warehouse project is remarkable, again another project “first time in asia” was raised by the dwp team this year. Project that presents trance music combined with big room from W & W and bass boom and bpm, NWYR you should watch and enter into your watchlist the partygoers

7. Another first time in Indonesia,HipHop Rising Star “Desiigner live in Djakarta Warehouse Project”
Again again and again. This year’s Djakarta warehouse project is full of surprises, featuring designer (a.k.a Sidney royal selby) rappers and producers from America are present at Djakarta warehouse project. The number one on the U.S billboard hot 100. Do not miss it, rapping with designer!

8. The most wanted Indonesian partygoers, lets TrapStep with “Flosstradamus”
This year is one of the most prominent years featuring music trap and R & B producers, and one of the most awaited party goers is Flosstradamus, a Dj producer who plays the dutch trap genre and hiphop is one of the most wanted for partygoers in Indonesia. His work is always included in various traps nation and become an influence for the producer trap. Lets go to DWP, lets party with FLOSSTRADAMUS THE MOST WANTED TRAP PRODUCER IN THIS YEAR

9. Crowd Control by marsmellow – left left left right right right
Ismaya not run out of ideas to satisfy the partygoers in Indonesia, after yesterday playing in ultra bali, dj this one was invited back to perform at the Djakarta warehouse project. All partygoers must know the song from this DJ, and certainly all partygoers will sing along with him, but what is the special of marsmellow this time? We are sure you can not wait for CROWD CONTROL with this DJ. Left left right right right, imagine 45000 partygoers that day dancing together and moving according to marsmellow crowd control. Call it!

10. years preparation Djakarta Warehouse Project Anniversary
And this is the last point we want to convey to the partygoers, this year is the year that is preparing for the anniversary 10 years dwp next year, they will run out in dwp this year, energy, ideas, service, and visualization that they will spend in this year will be really shown this year. Given next year is anniversary dwp 10 years, can you expect Djakarta Warehouse Project this year?
Oh yes, we have a code for next year, here it is (10, Mr.president 1, and 3.) AMIEN.