6 things We Loved About The 6th Music Gallery

On Saturday, 12 March 2016, we went to The 6th Music Gallery and we can definitely tell you that it has indeed graduated from ‘Indonesia’s biggest indie music festival’ to the ‘biggest international indie music festival’ in the country. Following 5 successful years, The Music Gallery came back for its 6th year with “Paint Your Atmosphere” as its official theme, gradually getting better every year.

‘Elephant Kind’, ‘Dried Cassava’, ’Rahasia Viktor’ ‘Mondo Gascaro and Danilla’ are just some of the local acts included in their lineup for their two stages. They also invited Indonesia’s favorites, ‘Mocca’, ‘Maliq & d’Essential’ and ‘Float’ who headlined the ‘Intimate Stage’ . Other than top
notch local acts, this year they managed to add two bands all the way from Down Under, Panama and Last Dinosaurs who completed the lineup.

Other than great lineup, The 6th Music Gallery also had some things that made it one helluva night! Here are 6 of our favorite things about The 6th Music Gallery:

1. Festival with a View

Being held at the 7th floor of Kuningan City, Jakarta, this year Music Gallery offered us some great view of Jakarta from day to night. People taking turns for a glimpse and photo sesh of the breathtaking view of Jakarta under the sunset sky. The security personal also kept busy, telling people that it is actually dangerous to stand too close to the edge. But hey, at least you got great Instagram worthy pics right?

2. For the Love of Music!

It seemed that everyone who attended The Music Gallery was really there for the music. At any time, both stages were filled by music enthusiasts catching whoever was performing. Not everyone might knew all the acts, but everyone sure enjoyed every performance.

3. Parking Lot for a Stage

You think parking lot is limited for parking purposes only? They beg to differ. The 6th Music Gallery managed to transformed Kuningan City’s parking lot into a festival worthy venue. The crowds seemed to be enjoying the lineup at the ‘Intimate Stage’ where ‘Mocca’ and ‘Float’, among other local acts, performed. The whole thing made you think “What parking lot?”

4. Elephant Kind

There were definitely an elephant in the room. No, I’m not talking about the expression, I’m talking about Elephant Kind, who most definitely got the crowds going with they’re energetic tunes in numbers like ‘Oh Well’ and ‘Scenario III’ and equally impressive backdrop. Truly a force to be reckoned with.

5. Panama

One of the most anticipated act of the night was indeed this duo from Straya. Their electronic and indie pop sound made them stand out among other lineups. Based on the nonstop cheering, the crowd seemed to be thrilled for Panama’s set. Songs like ‘How We Feel’ and ‘Always’ kept the crowd moving and left wanting more.

6. Last Dinosaurs

The four piece band from Australia closed the night and the whole festival. For someone who just landed from Bangkok the day of, their energy were through the roof. Their catchy guitar riffs, jingly tunes and trippy backdrop sent the crowds to an euphoric mode. The night went on with a cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Rock With You’ and they even managed to sneak in a nano second of Cher’s ‘Believe’ in to one of their numbers. But their own hits like ‘Zoom’ and ‘Honolulu’ were the real crowd pleaser of their whole set. From start to finish, the crowds never stopped singing back every words. The perfect ending to a great festival! With lineup of such high calibre, The 6th Music Gallery has proven that they’re worthy of the title Indonesia’s ‘biggest international indie music festival’ making them one of the must go to event of the year. Looking forward to next year’s Music Gallery!

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