Hardwell United Jakarta


Hardwell, once again, successfully united all his fans during his world tour titled as United We Are.

Hardwell played his set for 3 hours straight, over 7 thousands party goers danced through the night like there is no tomorrow. This time, Ancol carnival beach was chosen as the venue for a rave situation look a like.


First walking into the entrance, as usual the security shield was pretty tight, we were not allowed to bring outside food, drink, and also cigarette since they had their official cigarette partner.


Celebrating their 10th years anniversary, Ismaya Live brought a new concept for Hardwell tour this time. Visitor was spoiled by cool layouts and booths, provided by their partners, where you don’t have to be worried if you’re kinda hungry or need more booze infusion, or simply just chill out by the swings provided by LA booth. The venue was already crowded around 10 pm since the gate opened an hour before. Partygoers seemed to enjoy every bit of the ambience and the layout set up presented by Ismaya Live.


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When Kill the Buzz hit the stage, lighting was very minimalist, visual effect was still off, and he played it really simple yet cool. He was playing with the crowd’s mood for one and a half hour before they face the “it” show of the night 00.00, and the wait is over. Started with a cool lighting and visualization, United We Are was played to begin the long-awaited night. Crowds seemed to be unstoppable when Runaway was played after that. He then asked the crowd for a moment to turn the lights on their phone during A Sky Full of Sky Rhythm.


He also played Colors, If I Lose Myself and the massive iconic Spaceman flew that night to fulfill party goers thirst. After playing every masterpieces on his album, he kept the crowds mood by playing current hits songs that night including Sorry, How Deep is Your Love, and Heroes by Alesso.


He kept interacting with the crowds to keep them from leaving since it was already 2 am and the night wasn’t over yet. Turns out everyone sticked with him for another hours to witness Hardwell making another unforgettable night for party people.

Overall, Hardwell was everyone’s weekend remedy after being surrounded by weekday activities.