Dog Is Dead: All Our Favourite Stories

Like any other listener probably, the first time I knew about this Nottingham indie-pop band was when they’re playing Glockenspiel on first season of Skins, and after their touring and several EPs, finally they release their own debut album “All Our Favourite Stories” last monday. Anyway, young drummer Harvey, was kindly enuf to answered things we want to know about Dog Is Dead and their upcoming tour.
Can you tell a short brief how you guys end up with Dog Is Dead?
We met at school and started making music together 5 years ago. Our first shows were in school talent shows and friends parties.
Whats your biggest influence on making Music?
We have a broad and eclectic taste in music as a band. We are really into grunge, psychedelia etc
If you want to introduce people about your music, how do you describe it?
Soulful, harmonious and uplifting with a darker twist.
And the best song you would like to recommend to new listeners would be…
We would love people to listen to our album “All Our Favourite Stories”
You have been playing in big festivals around Europe and making appearance with big UK names in, i mean basically you’re getting ‘ IT’ in Europe, any plan to have tour outside Europe? Asia maybe?
We’d really love to get out there as soon as we can. Hopefully next year!
Is there any musician you like to collaborate with?
Hot Chocolate
Do you have any particular musicians or bands you like to listen over and over again, currently?
Is there any indie band you’d like to recommend to us?
“All Our Favourite Stories” will be release soon (next Monday!!) do you think the album can grab world wide attention?
I guess we’ll find out soon enough.
Well, if you like a young fun version of Noah and the Whale you should buy their album, those Hollywood celebs already bought it anyway!