Javier Suarez as Gathered Ghosts

Most of you probably haven’t heard much about this lofi, indie, acoustic pop artist Gathered Ghosts or known as Javier Suarez, but I have to tell you, this Craft Spells’ guitarist is actually have something to offer in the table. During his study back in Liverpool he’s beein creating some nice old demos, which then he creativly develop into Gathered Ghosts, where I found quite creepy in a romantic way.


How you come up with Gathered Ghost?
My friend in Manchester, England was starting a little boutique label called Everybody’s Stalking about 2 years ago and he loved my old demos i had recorded when i was living in Liverpool back in ’06. He wanted to release those on cassette and instead of just going by “Javier Suarez” i wanted a band name. Since the songs were so old by that point, they seemed like dead ghosts to me, and this was a collection of those ghost- so Gathered Ghosts- i liked the sound of it.

Whats your influence?
All sorts of stuff-  McCartney has always kind of been like the one songwriter i most admired. I’d say my favorite guitar players are George Harrison, Johnny Marr and Nick Valensi…I also love bossa nova, the eternal coolness it. I love 80s music too- just straight pop songs like Madonna. Being in Craft Spells is an influence for sure as well- Justin always impresses me with his production and i learn from that too- great rhythms. Yeah i guess i could go on and on about influences but it really just comes down to what feels groovy when i’m recording it.

If you want to introduce people about your music, how you gonna describe it?
Jangly guitar pop to pet your cat to, if you have cat..

And the best song you would like to recommend to new listeners will be…
My best song? I’d say “Two Apples in A Cherry Tree” is a pretty killer tune. Watch the music video.

Is Gathered Ghost your side project, main project or in between?
Craft Spells is great but i have tons of down time when we’re not touring and i’ve always been a songwriter so i’d say Gathered Ghosts is my thing and Craft Spells is really Justin’s…i don’t know if one is more “main” than the other- Clearly CS is way bigger so when we’re touring and stuff its 100% my focus but with GG i get a lot more creative satisfaction and since it’s all me i can take it anywhere i please.

Are you playing all the instruments here?
Yeah, i play all the guitars, bass, percussion, vocals, autoharp, piano, synth, etc… my girlfriend, Andreanna did some back up vocals on the last EP though

Where do you get the inspiration, is it based on your daily experiences?
I tend to write about stuff that is true to my life cause i can’t really sing it with much conviction if it’s not. The way i write isn’t super narrative though so it isn’t really based so much on experiences as it is on feelings.

Do you have any particular musicians or bands you listening to like over and over again, currently?
Frankie Rose, Chairlift, Jeanette, Sea Lions, new Beach House

Is there any indie band you like to recommend to us?
All of the above! Except Jeanette- she wasn’t super indie but she is great- had a band in the 60s in Spain called Pic-Nic.. my mom is starting to really get into her too

What’s your next plan?any tour any singles or anything?
Well…Craft Spells starts touring tomorrow for the next month with the Drums, then we have a big festival at the end of May here in Washington. Then i’m going to start working on the next Gathered Ghosts EP- i think i’m going to release it digitally on Bandcamp and on cassette- the other side of the tape is going to have the last EP- Fluttering So Sweetly, so that should keep me busy enough for a while. The next EP will probably be out sometime this summer.
Now you have read about him and his cool taste of music, so why don’t you take a listen on his bandcamp and please share your thoughts about his music.