Holograms : The New Breath Of Punk

By the first time if you Google “Holograms” , the first thing that this search engine will suggest you is the Tupac Hologram. Well, that’s pretty silly yet awesome. But, if you added “holograms band” while searching, You will find the whole new music discovery! Holograms, the four early twenty-something fellas from Stockholm will bring you the raw amazing punk music that you might have not heard for years. NME rated 8 out of 10 for their debut album, The magazine stated “Holograms have something about them. They may be revisiting the fossilised concept of boredom, but they’re bringing an original perspective. New flesh, fresh blood. Not just another punk band.” . The band consist of Anton Spetze (vocals/guitars), Filip Spetze (vocals/synth), Andreas Lagerström (vocals/bass), Anton Strandberg (drums) who consider themselves as bunch of poor lads but they really have something to show about and their music really speaks in the term of quality. Check out our interview with Andreas Lagerström about the journey of the band :

Hi guys! Based on my research, you guys keep saying about how hard it is to make a living in Sweden and those stuffs. Is it actually the main reason of why Holograms were formed (as in to earn money by making music)? Or you guys want to deliver a message to the world about something that happens in Sweden?

We are four guys with no real marketable skills so for us it’s hard to get a job, youth unemployment has been pretty big since the nineties around here.

Our economic situation has definatly not been the main reason for being in a band, as in we have less money now than when we started the band. We also don’t want to be a political band in any way, our lyrics are more internal than external.

Can you tell me more about the true meanings of song “ABC city”?

It’s mainly about the area where me and Anton Strandberg lives in Stockholm called Farsta. The lyrics come from my interest in architecture and the feeling of living in a failed modernist utopian worker commune. A-B-C stands for Arbete(work), Bostad (dwelling) and Centrum (Center, basically a mall). Here’s a pic .

NME rated your album 8 out of 10, and even said that Holograms are bringing an original perspective. as I quoted them labelled you guys as “New flesh, fresh blood. Not just another punk band”. Are You surprised with their review? Or You actually have expected that people will think so?

When we started we had the ambition of doing something serious for once but we never really expected this much attention. It’s pretty much unheard of as a scandinavian band with no real music business contacts to be signed on an american label and get to do the things we’ve done in such a short time. We’re really fortunate.

Also we had no expectations on what people would think at all as we’ve been a bit isolated up here. The most important thing is that we enyoy our own songs.

So in 2012, I heard that you ran out of money and even stranded in France for more than a week! How did you guys make it through?
Yeah we did a disastrous tour in may of 2012, we bough a car for a 1000 euros that ended up braking down in a town called Nantes in france. We we’re extremely lucky that we found such helpful people, like the guys in Von Pariahs, a local band. We ended staying in this guys apartment in paris for maybe one and a half weeks, we ate one kebab a day and explored the city. We lost all our money.

It seems like your journey in music and touring was such a winding road, did you guys actually thankful for those craziness thing? was it actually such a fun thing to be experienced?

In hindsight everything we did in the past year have been amazing but some of the realities of touring and poverty have a tendency to be pretty difficult in the moment if you know what I mean.

How is the music scene in Stockholm? Is it a good place to make music or to be a musician? and Please describe Sweden in your very best sentence!

One of the better things with Stockholm as a musician is that you can get subsidised rehearsal spaces. But there are a lot of negatives too. There’s really no good places to play as a new band that isn’t totally horrible as bars and public spaces are very controlled in the sense of loudness, sanitation and being able to sell alcohol. I guess it’s fine for a lot of genres but if you want to play loud and with not that many restrictions it kind of sucks.

We have one guy who has helped us for years, Thomas Savage (and of course his partner Lotta Hallin). They put up shows on this old boat, it’s kind of a speak easy. When no one wanted to book our previous bands (and holograms) they were the only ones who let us play. If you’re in stockholm check out their store http://pushmybuttons.se/ or go to one of their gigs.

Sweden: Hearts of stone, long for the summer.

 photo holograms600_zps9eb57188.jpg

As we see now, some indie bands made it to the Grammys, has it ever crossed in your mind like “Guys, maybe we can be nominated for Grammy one day!” or Grammy is the thing that you guys dont even care?

We don’t care

When I try to google you guys, the first thing that this site suggested to me was “Tupac”, what do you guys think about it? hahaha. If it was not Holograms, what the most possible name that you would like to use?

It’s pretty funny, the whole “Tupac Hologram” came like the week after we released ABC City.

I hate to come up with band names, it’s fucking hard and everything has been taken. I’m really happy with the name we have.

So there’s a sad story behind your vintage synthesizer, KORG-MS10. Do you guys also dedicate your music to him?

I have in the band that we played together in. Sometimes I think of doing one for him but certain feelings are best kept to yourself. I don’t want to feel like I exploit his memory in any way.

To Andreas, apparently u r a huge fan of Street Fighter! Why do you like it so much? Is there any game that you think is as good as Street Fighter?

I am, I have been playing SF since I was a child. I started with Street fighter 2 for the super nintendo.

When you are really hardcore into fighting games it becomes extremely satisfying, like a sport. The competitivness and the complexity can really lead to obssession. Sometimes I miss it when I’m on tour. If I ever get to Asia I’d like to visit some arcades and play.

What do you guys expect from people who listen to your music?

Just take the music to heart.

The last question, what is your short term goal and your long term goal?

We don’t plan ahead but our short term goal is to release our next album and try to pay some rent.

Well, that’s all from them! Maybe you think that The Hives would be the only great talent from Sweden, but here comes the big contender. We are totally sure that this Stockholm’s quartet will be giving another huge hit that will surprise you!