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How LaLaLa Festival 2018 will be the comeback we’ve been waiting for

24174391_1481035805279030_6919629886315968271_nIndonesia’s first international forest festival, LaLaLa festival is making a comeback after taking a break in 2017. Their first run in November 2016 might not be a smooth run, and to be fair it’s because of the rage of mother nature, it overpowered the brilliant vision that LaLaLa Festival had. Now they’re back with more time to make this second round a home run! Here’s why we know LaLaLa Fest will be their best redemption: 1. Same vision, new location LaLaLa Festival 2018 is still going to have the same vision as it was the first time, to become the first international forest festival in Indonesia and the biggest in Bandung. It was an out of the box vision from the team of LaLaLa Fest, but alas mother nature said otherwise. But this year they are back with a new location, although not far from their first location, that will bring new lucks to the whole festival. Moving from the Pine Forest in Cikole to the Orchard Forest, we can just imagine how the design team of LaLaLa Fest will transform the hanging bridge and the theater with twinkling lights and rustic decor or whatever they decided to do to transform the forest in to something magical. 2. Outstanding first lineup LaLaLa Fest has been great with choosing who they want in their lineup, and this year is no exception! Well, let us rewind to the year of 2016 when they managed to got Kodaline to come to Indonesia for the very first time, history was made! This year they are determined to make yet another history. Lets investigate. First of all they got the dreamy London duo, Oh Wonder with their oh so wonderful song “Without You” which we still can’t get enough of. Then they managed to get Tom Odell in to the mix alongside other international acts like Blonde, Wafia, Blackbear, and many many more to come. The lineup is LaLaLa Fest telling you that house music also has a place in the forest. LaLaLa Festival 2018 Lineup

3. Out of the rain season *fingers crossed*
The last LaLaLa Fest was held in November just right in the middle of the rain season, that might be the reason why mother nature was not in the mood in giving us the sun. Well, lesson learned! The team decided to move the festival to March, a sunnier month. Fingers crossed tho, we hope mother nature will be all cried out by then.

4. Embracing music festival outside The Big Durian once more
What we really love about LaLaLa Fest is that they pick the unusual places like the Pine Forest and the Orchard Forst in Cikole, Lembang, Bandung. Although many will be traveling from the Big Durian, but it’s a refreshing thing to attend a festival outside Jakarta, not a lot of festival do that, especially big International festivals like LaLaLa Fest. So, kudos to the whole team for thinking outside the box, or should we say outside the spiky durian shells.

For more information about LaLaLa Festival go to https://lalalafest.com/