LaLaLa Festival Survival Kit

LaLaLa Festival 2018 is fast approaching and we only have a few weeks left to prepare ourselves for the event of the year! We have some ticks and trips on how to prepare yourself to get the very best bits of LaLaLa Festival.


1. Invest on an awesome raincoats!


We can’t deny the fact that mother nature can sometimes be unpredictable. There might not be a lot of rain for the last couple of weeks, but what if something upset the big mama and for reason it’s raining on the day? To get ready with nature’s mood swing, go buy yourself a great looking raincoats or ponchos to rock under the rain. Be it a yellow IT style coat or clear American Psycho vibe raincoats, just make sure you got them ready!

2. Ditch your expensive sneakers and grab an adorable pair of wellie boots

Like going to any other festivals, you might want to wear your finest, crispiest, dopest kicks, but you might forget that LaLaLa Fest is not like any other festivals. It’s the kind of festival where you can get closer to all earth’s five elements. The combination of those five elements might not be the best idea for your kicks. So, instead of having to clean and resurrect your favorite sneakers, settle for an adorable and comfortable pair of wellie boots. They’re stylish and comfortable and easy to clean and you can pretend like you’re at Glastonbury. Win, win, win.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 9.04.00 PM

3. Grab your coziest sweater for a night in the forest

LaLaLa Fest in a one full day music festival. That means, you’ll be at the Orchard Forest from day to late at night. Lembang is not known for its warm weather, it could get breezy at night and for people traveling from Jakarta, it might be too cold for us. Pack your coziest, quirkiest sweater and get cozy together with your mates or SO at night while cuddling during Oh Wonder’s set.

4. Leave your car and hop on the LaLaLa Fest shuttle bus!

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 9.01.25 PM

Driving to and from festivals is one the major hustle that can’t be avoided. And don’t get us started with finding parking! It is almost impossible to go to a festival at later without getting stuck in a headache inducing traffic and having to wait for a long long time for a parking! Luckily for us, the team of LaLaLa Fest have it all figured out. The festival is providing shuttle bus service from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia to the venue for only 35k. So, park your car elsewhere and head to the festival worry-less.
Prepare your tummy for an array of good food

One of the best thing and our personal favorite thing about festivals other than the music, is undoubtedly the array of food. Last year, LaLaLa Fest has an amazing collection of food vendors that catered to all different taste. You got Indonesian food, American comfort food, Mexican food, Korean, Japanese, you name it, they had it! We expect nothing less from this year’s LaLaLa Fest and we’re pretty sure they won’t let us down. So prepare your tummy to endure on some amazing food. Don’t let them go to waste!

Create a kick-ass playlist!

A great playlist can take you far in order to get you warmed up for a festival. If you’re taking a road trip to Lembang with your mates from out of town then you definitely need a kick ass playlist for the road. Why not kill two birds with one stone? You can do a road trip and warm up at the same time. We suggest adding different musicians to the mix to keep things interesting. Adding Ben Howard, Sufjan Stevens, George Maple, Ta-Ku, and Paolo Nutini will  spice the playlist up but still sticking to the theme. If you’re too lazy to create your own playlist, LaLaLa Fest provides them for you, a great mixes too!

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