How we celebrate Record Store Day

Sunday afternoon a bunch of teenager and youngster gather inside Aksara Store, Kemang. Yes they are discussing and celebrating the physical released or we called it “Merayakan Kembali Rilis Fisik”. David Tarigan, (represent labels and physic music collector), Mayo Ramandho (represent indie music store), Arian 13 (represent collector) and Uri Putra (represent music publisher in vynl format), all of them come as speakers on the discussion with Taufiq Rahman from as the moderator, together celebrating Record Store Day which actually on May 21st.

With 2 hours discussion, lots of interesting and fun things we learn and share, even most of the audience felt it was too short with such discussion topic. Anyway after the discussion we get the chance to watch film screening called ” Do it Yourself, The Story of Rough Trade Record Store”. This documenter film is about the history about small record store which succeed become record label in 1976.

After the film, Kiki Ucup dan David Tarigan starting to continued the celebration of “Enjoy Yourself on Record Store Day”Dear Nancy got the first chance as the opener, playing songs from their new album. continued with young band Polkawars playing their mixed sounds and melody to the audience. The event which was free, happens to be the event for most of the audience to watched their favourite indiepop band from Bandung, Astrolab.

Without further due, they directly playing songs from their first EP which already been rearrange. continued with indiepop band from Jakarta, Ballads of the Cliche playing with their previous EP, and off course their new single Ini Waktunya! which been released november last year. After sweet performance, the audience get ‘surprise’ from girl with ‘horse-head’ and followed by other weird alien and masked man to the centre, yes as we now its SPASIBA! Zeke Khaseli which just did their mini concert for their secind album, also contributing for the event. Zeke succeed turning the atmosphere from dark to bright and fun.

After that Kiki Ucup and David Tarigan back again, and this time brought give away vinyls to the audience, Dinosaur.Jr and Michael Jackson own vynl. While we waiting for the last performance, the audience can waited with video from Bangkutaman titled Kabut. At the day Bangkutaman also take the chance to realising their first album (from cassette to cd) named Love Among The Ruins exclusively only 500 CDs. In the middle of their performance they also tell stories about how and their journey on the industry, from Jogja to Jakarta. So, with Catch Me When I Fall the event also closed as a fun sunday night with music and record lovers.

As we celebrate the Record Store Day, we congrats also to Bangkutaman for their re-format physical album, and see you all agin on Record Store Day celebration next year! [NP]