When music and art combine in one festival

Its an event that combine music and art in two night 14-15 of April in one art village named Sayfestville. On the first night, the event was started at 6pm and we can say that most of the headliners was perform on the first day with Indra Aziz, and the most anticipated headliner, Colbie Cailat.

When we first enter the venue, we were welcomed with live graffiti performance, both from the street graffiti (on day 1) and chalk drawing (on day2). And of course a lots of art and food stall around the venue.

As the most anticipated headliner, The singer/songwriter Colbie Cailat performed around 11pm  on the main stage, LA Light Mentol stage which was the main sponsor of the event. She sang almost for 90minuets and sang 18 songs. For the first song she use “Fallin’ for You” which was her hits for Breakthrough album. Continued with another hits such as The little things, i do, brighter than the sun, i never told you and lucky. Whats interesting was when the song Lucky, instead of duet with Jason Mraz, she sang it with her boyfriend which is touring with her as well Justion Young. Beside playing songs from her albums, singer with nick named Coco also covered 2 of her favourite songs such as Turn Your Lights Down from Lauren Hill and another song from The Script. And she ended her performanc by singing her hits Bubbly.

The event is not ended until then. The stage is getting hotter, after some of the crowd statring to jump on the pool since there’s pool party going on.


Beside LA Mentol Lights Jazz Under The Stars stage, theres another stage which we think its interesting,  Urban Picnic Cinema & Open Theatre stage. Local performance and theater perfromance from our local artits can share their knowledge about whats going on local cinema. Even though we think, the event should be combine in one day instead of two, but consider its their first trial of making the event, so its quite a succeed to bring music and art together in the same time. [PB]