JJF 2012: Where Jazz Finds a Home

When Java Production approved our media, we knew that it wont be like other indie festival we usually attended, with big Jazz-ers for the line ups such as Stevie Wonder, Bobby McFerrin, Al Jarreau and George Duke Trio, Erykah Badu, Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny, Dave Koz to new generation act such as Mayer Hawthorne, Mamas Gun, Laura FYGI, Depapepe, and so on, this festival succeed gathered people from old to young generation to learn more and enjoy what Jazz can bring to Jakarta.

Like many other big festival, we didn’t have the chance to see every acts, but we do tried to watch as much as we could and probably that’s what you all does in the festival right? On the first day of the festival (03/02) we had the chance to see the queen of neo-soul herself, Erykah Badu. Singer who known for her hip-hop / RnB / black scent with twisted soul in her vocal sound, introduced her first appearance in Jakarta by sang “Happy To See You Again”, continued with “Hip Hop”, “Kiss Me On My Neck”, “Your Mind”, “Other Side of The Game”, and she also played her hits such as  “Love of My Life” and “You’re Mine”.

Meanwhile from another stage, Al Jarreau which already played last year to perform infront of his loyal fans palying his hits such as “Spain”, “Aqua du Beber” and “After All” and this time he played with George Duke Trio.

Not like the first day, on the second day (03/03) we had prepared to come earlier to the fest so we could possibly see as much as possible. With day 2 lineups such as Simon Grey, Mayer Hawthorne & The County, Dave Koz, Mamas Gun, Barry White Show, and also Depapepe, we predicted that it’ll be very chaos like ‘usual’, and it does!

Since we were super late the day before, so our first stage we went were A3 BNI Hall with acoustic duo Miura Takuya and Tokuoka Yoshinari. Band which famous since their songs appearance on anime tv series Honey and Clover, made really good connection between themselves and the crowd. It quite reminds us when Sondre Lerche had his appearance on last year’s Java Jazz Fest. After Depapepe we went to see Barry White Show and continued with Dave Koz. Different than his pervious performance in Jakarta, this time Dave Koz playing with several Indonesian children, which are street musicians from Bandung. All we can say is that was a collaboration between International and traditional act served with humble act.

Still at the same hall but different stage, we get to see Mamas Gun. Playing most of their songs from The Life and Soul album such as Inferno, Heavy Hands, Rocket to the Moon, Bicycle Race and also songs from their first album such hits like Finger On It, Pots Of Gold, which made most of the crowd sang along with them.

So here we came on the third day (03/04) With Stevie Wonder, Swing Out Sister, and Al Jarreau with George Duke which each of them sang wonderfully throughout the entire Hall where they had performance (too bad we couldn’t get photographs properly because of ‘some’ reason). And from the young generation we have Mayer Hawthorne and The County, which you can read about it here and Monita, Mamas Gun, and many young talented artist from each stages.. Though the crowd wasn’t as hectic as the previous day but we felt like the time and management wasn’t as good as the previous two days, seems like everything went too ‘late’ and changed ‘suddenly’. But despite of those reasons, with more than a million crowd for the entire festival, we managed to still have fun at the festival, because isn’t that what we’re looking for in a festival?

So lets see what will Java Production bring for Java Rockinland this year? Will there be any of your favorite band perform this time?

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