The Flashy Classy Sassy Mr. Hawthorne

Born as Andrew Mayer Cohen, and grew up doing everything LA artist’ possibly does: singing, producer-ing, writing songs, instrumentalist, DJ-ing, rapping (ok that’s sounds weird), skateboarding to phenomenal food eater! This might be his 3rd time in Jakarta, after the first one and second appearances for mini show and meet & greet session, but to be honest even though had listened to his album for a while few years ago, somehow we’ve always pictured him as one of Motown-style-singer who won American Idol, and unfortunately never had the chance to watch his performance when he went to Jakarta. So when we knew he’s going to play for this year Java Jazz Festival, we thought it’s about time to see the person in live.

Since there was no media pit, we had to squeeze to get to the front row among his hardcore fangirls. Well, with that kind of looks, live catchy voice and light soul music, no wonder not only girls but also dudes have been waited to see his appearance.

On his first day JJF appearance, he start with “Make Her Mine”, “One Track Mind” then continued by playing most of songs from How Do You Do album such as, “When I Said Goodbye, “I Wish It Would Rain”, “Your Easy Lovin’ Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothin’” , he even sang his duet with Ludacris in “Gangsta Luv”, “Love In Motion” , “How Do You Do”, “Get To Know You, “Can’t Stop”, “Dreaming” -with story telling style, “Hooked”, “Finally Falling”, “You Called Me”, “No Strings”, he also showed his gently side by sang “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out”, “Shiny & New” and “I Wish It Would Rain” along with the crowd.

His second day live act was just like what they’ve told us in the morning after their sound checked, it’s way much better from the previous day, from their sound, how they dressed up to their live performances, which is more attractive! especially when he and the band perform “The Ills” by circling around the stage like a kid. Different from the previous day and because of the high demand from the crowd, this time he played “Maybe So, Maybe No” for the encore.

Singer, who also appeared on The Cool Kids’ “Swimsuits” song, ended the night of Java Jazz Festival with a big smile from his crowd. Another plus point we gave to him and the county is how they actually was just a bunch of funny peoples who love playing music and eating. Well.. surely we hope to hear more of his good tasty music in the future.

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