Road To Djakarta Warehouse Project 2013

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You might need to get your neon dancing shoes and light sticks earlier than expected , Indonesia’s biggest dance music festival is having a pre-party before the annual dance rage, and party goers are most welcome. Think of it as a warm up before the big feast of laser beams and ridiculous beats, ISMAYA Live is kind enough to have us rehearse for the D-day. Four talented artists will be performing exclusively, including Laidback Luke, Martin Garrix, Chuckie, and Bingo Players.

Here’s the complete list of what’s coming up early this December!

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Laidback Luke & Martin Garrix

Date: 6th December 2013  |  Venue: Blowfish

Price: Rp 250.000,00 (Normal)  |  Rp 150.000,00 (DWP2013 Special Code)


Date: 7th December 2013 |  Venue: Dragonfly

Price: Rp 200.000,00 (Normal)   |   Rp 100.000,00 (DWP2013 Special Code)

Bingo Players

11th December 2013  |  Venue: Dragonfly

Price: Rp 200,000.00 (Normal)   |   Rp 100.000,00 (DWP2013 Special Code)

Tickets are sold at all Pizza e Birra outlets, starting from November 8th 2013. Note that the events listed are all 18+, so make sure you have your valid ID. For more information, go on

Are you psyched to have the biggest dance party of the year extended? We know we are! Grab your tickets fast and don’t miss out!