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Set Your Date on February 2019, Because LaLaLa Festival Returns!



The emotion is still so fresh and raw on our mind, but we are all set again to the newest adventure brought altogether next year by The Group at LaLaLa Festival 2019. Set to be held on 23 February 2019, the annual international forest music festival drops the real bomb with its first lineup announcement, that includes London’s Years & Years and South Korean soulful R&B singer, Crush .

The Group, as one of the most well known, strong music promoter that started their journey in Bandung has grown so much during the course of year. With upscale experiences of bringing power house international names such as Oh Wonder and Kodaline, The Group has aggressively secured those that been on the wish list on repeats. As if we can only expect even more excitement in the future.

Going forward to a bigger scale of festivity, LaLaLa Festival 2019 offers one stop celebration of music with more experiences and even bigger performers. Staying true to their calling, LaLaLa Festival 2019 will be held once again in Orchird Forest, Bandung, famed for its striking woodland and beautiful gazes.

Eka Pramudita, Project Manager of LaLaLa Festival 2019 shares some of the beans with much excitement. “There is something special about music and nature that keep us, that fuse within the self deep, craving for some more. An enchantment, our muse of sorts to. LaLaLa Festival and the nature calling is one conjunction that can’t stand by its own.”

To the statement, he further added, “We are staying and changing at the same time. It became bigger than what we thought it’d be. 2018 was massive; we knew it was not yet perfect, but we got to meet so many people along the way that shared the same spirit, and that’s just awesome. The event is always about fusing inward to discover outward, to explore music as it is, and we always love it that way. Yet, this year it’s gonna be bigger. I can’t tell you further without spilling too much about all the grand surprises we have, but I promise it’s worth the wait.”

With Years and Years and Crush  on board, we can only expect even more surprises to be later added on. This will mark the first time in Indonesia for both the famous British synth-pop band and Korean R&B star. While Years & Years have already hit the top of Billboard’s album chart with their biggest hit single “King”, Crush  has his own English album soon to be released after swiping up Korea & Asia.

Their performances, altogether with stars such as Jeremy Passion, Astronomyy, and Joe Hertz are definitely something to look forward to. Not to mention, Sheila On 7, Fourtwnty, and Ardhito Pramono will also be joining the stage as our most favorite local acts. The Phase 1 of the whole Lineup has just been announced, there will be more international and national artists will be joining the lineup for LaLaLa Festival 2019.

Even without the first lineup announced, devoted fans have shown their utmost excitement. Early bird tickets have been sold out less than an hour since its opening. All the regular & VIP passes, fortunately, will be sold start from 26th October 2018 at 6pm on LaLaLa Festival’s official site (www.lalalafest.com) start from 350K for the presale ticket. For more information and updates, do follow LaLaLa Festival’s social media @lalala.fest!