The Next Big Thing (No.35) : Disclosure

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The London’s duo, Disclosure, have been making music professionally since 2010, but it takes three years for them to prove their ‘bam’. The Lawrence brothers, Guy and Howard, are the men behind Disclosure’s sleek music. Started making music at a very young age (15 and 18), Disclosure consistently keep making music that surpass their age. In 2010, the brotherly duo released their music online. Inspired with UK bass, deep house, and garage music as their influences, they made some people become curious about their music. However, Their first EP which was released in 2011, Carnival, didn’t get much attention, Until they did a remix work of Jessie Ware’s Running. Disclosure warmed up their fame.

 Now, let’s set aside their achievement and move to their personal story. Guy and Howard were born and raised in suburban Surrey, England. The musical gene has run in their family, both of their parents managed to make a career  out of music, “They got to tour around Canada, and our mom did some cruise-ship shows back and forth to Australia for a bit.” Said Guy to Pitchfork. When they were growing up, the brothers didn’t have the same interests at all, Howard grew up with soulful pop music and Lawrence were more into hip-hop. Then, when Guy got older, he started listening to dubstep and when he found out that his brother had started listening to the same stuff, the brothers decided to make their own electronic dance music.

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Through their career, Disclosure have released five Eps. After spending two years of not getting charted, they finally got their single, “Latch”, scored the UK’s music chart in 2012. Their first UK hit that peaked at number 11 was followed by another single, “White Noise”, which ranked at number two in the same chart. On June 2013, Disclosure released their full debut album, Settle, with PMR Records, and the debut gave the duo a significant recognition from the public. The debut also received a well feedback from music critics, Larry Fitzmaurice of Pitchfork wrote “Disclosure’s unabashed pop sensibilities speak to the notion that music, as with a system of beliefs, can bring a diverse array of people– the dance nerds and the poptimists, the club denizens and the festival obsessives, the perpetually stylish and the utterly clueless– together as one. Settle is an album-length articulation of this idea, and it’s hard not to believe in that”. The debut is being such an artistic success, the Lawrence brothers did a smooth job with its voiced-collaboration and also the soft synths.

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Disclosure have made themselves as one of the best names in the current dance music scene. As they keep their momentum in the surface, Disclosure’s debut album has become a phenomenal work in its own genre. Going out from an online recognition to spreading out the party atmosphere globally, Disclosure are surely on their way for the bigger deal. This year, their debut is competing with Bowie’s comeback, James Blake’s second nomination, and the newcomer, Savages, for Mercury Prize 2013. No matter how the result will be (the winner will be announced on October 30th 2013), the dynamic duo have proven and made them acclaimed as one of the most interesting acts in 2013.