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5 Reasons Why Laneway Singapore is Your Ticket for the Best Weekend Getaway

Following a successful 2017 event with a crowd 10,000+ strong, Laneway Festival Singapore returns to the idyllic setting of The Meadow at Gardens By The Bay .

St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival has expanded into a seven-city music festival which has gained international following and acclaim, as well as an unrivaled reputation for programming new talents on the cusp of greatness. Having well and truly settled into its home in each state, the event is a true highlight on the Singapore, New Zealand and Australian music calendars.


Going in to Laneway 2018, we have few reasons to tell why Laneway Festival Singapore is your hottest ticket for the wildest weekend getaway:


1. A celebration of South-East Asia music


Festivals should be beyond discovering American and UK music, and Laneway Festival Singapore realize just that. Each year Laneway Festival Singapore celebrates the diversity of South-East Asian talents, and this year’s Laneway is no exception! Performers from across ASEAN will come and show the world what they’re missing. Be ready to show your instagram followers how awesome Heals from Indonesia, Obedient Wives Club from Singapore, The Ransom Collective from the Philippines, and ALEXTBH from Malaysia all really are.

2. Dress your wildest!


What good is it going to a music festival as big as Laneway Festival Singapore and just dress like your everyday self? Laneway Festival Singapore is the PERFECT time and place to let your guard down and get wild from head to toe. Believe us when we say that people will appreciate it. Nothing like a good, crazy, and fun outfit to get the party started.


3. Get wild with your squad


When you’re to shy or insecure in getting wild all by yourself, then bring your squad with you! Festivals are the place to share your joy, and Laneway Festival Singapore is no exception. Worry that no one wants to go with you? Worry not my friend because no better place to make new friends than at a festival. Forget about all the people that don’t want to come with you to one of the greatest festival in Asia and make new friends. A huge chance you’ll be going to a lot of Laneway Festivals in the future.

p.s.: apology for the excessive use of the word squad.

4. Eat your guts out


For a day, give your diet a break and just.eat.you.goddam.guts.out! Imagine being at The Meadow at Gardens by The Bay, you’re laying on the grass, sun is out, you’re listening to Amy Shark telling you she adores you, but you still feel like you’re missing something. We bet 100% that you’re missing food and a cold beer on your hand. Give yourself a break and spoil your heart and tummy for a day.


5. A festival caters to every taste of music


We’ve come to the main reason on why we absolutely can’t wait for this year’s Laneway Festival Singapore: the music! I mean, have you guys check out the line up?! They got the soulful Amy Shark, the heart-melting Father John Misty, the peachy Wolf Alice, rocking The War On Drugs and they even bring back the quirky Mac Demarco to the stage. Everything you want, Laneway Festival Singapore granted and take it a thousand times better!


Just thinking about all the music and fun we’re going to have at Laneway Festival Singapore 2018 makes us all giddy and chipper inside. We just know we’re gonna have one wild time! (Doc: Laneway)


For more information go to http://singapore.lanewayfestival.com/