Avenged Sevenfold’s third bid to impress Indonesian Metalhead.

Shortly after the loss of The Rev in 2009, some people would have thought that Avenged Sevenfold would never achieve the same level that they have achieved after their final album with their late drummer in 2007. However, they have prove us wrong.

After their long-awaited concert went wrong in 2012, M. Shadows and co. returned to Indonesia for the fourth time to pay what they promised to their fans back in 2012. A long set of show consists of their all-time classics followed with several brand new songs from their sophomore album, “Hail To the King”, has quenched the thirst of Indonesian’s A7X fans who have been waiting for this moment to happen again since 6 years ago.

(credit: dyandraentertainment.com)
credit: dyandraentertainment.com

The show kicked off with a snippet of AC/DC’s classic, “Back in Black”, before the iconic riff of Avenged Sevenfold’s first single out of their sophomore album, “Shepherd of Fire”, started to play. The huge stage and giant LED showed the mesmerising smile of the boys. Especially the smile from their newest addition to replace The Rev, Arin Illejay. After “Shepherd of Fire”, they continued their strong set with their hit from their self-titled album, “Critical Acclaim”, and the song has triggered the crowd to sing their hearts out. We also found it relieving when we hear the voice of The Rev right at the chorus of the song, just a token of reminder that even though he has left us years ago, he will never forgotten. After “Critical Acclaim”, Avenged Sevenfold performed “Welcome to the Family”, and “Hail to the King”.

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Shortly after “Hail to the King”, M. Shadows told all the crowd to create a throwback to the “City of Evil” era. And then the iconic intro of “Beast and the Harlot” was played. For the old fans of Avenged Sevenfold, this track is one of the definitive classic. They also played “Buried Alive”, “Seize the Day”, and “Nightmare” before they told the crowd to put their phones down and enjoy the rock show with “Chapter Four”.

They went back to backstage after they played one of their slow-burn song from their newest album, “Acid Rain”, which have triggered the crowd to chant for encore. Then, they came back on stage with a classic riff of their 2003 hit, “Unholy Confessions”, which followed by a huge mosh pit right in the middle of the crowd. They also played “Bat Country”, a hit from their 2005 album “City of Evil”, to satisfy the crowd before they went to backstage again for the second time. Some people thought that the concert was over but some part of the crowd started to miming the iconic chorus of “A Little Piece of Heaven”, which triggered the band to leave the backstage one again and deliver, one final encore that all of the crowd needed.

After they finished the song, the stage showed a picture of their iconic deathbat logo with an Indonesian flag right behind it. That gesture led to a long cheer from the crowd before the band went back on stage for the third time, leaving the crowd with a smile down their faces.