Bet You Didn’t Know: Phoenix

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Phoenix might not be the first French rock band, but they are the only French rock band who made their name into the big league of rock bands. This fuour Frenchies will be one of the headliners on Ismaya Live’s Love Garage 2014.  It’s our tradition to give you guys some fun facts about the band before they rock your world.

1. Thomas Mars, Deck D’Arcy, and Christian Mozzalai met in elementary school. They began recording when they were 11.

2. When they were 16, Laurent Broncowitz joined the band and they became Phoenix.

3. They grew up in Versailles, France. This city is also known as the pre-revolution capital of France.

4. Before Phoenix, Broncowitz was in a band called Darlin’ with Daft Punk.

5. Sofia Coppola – Thomas Mars’ wife, features Phoenix in every film that she makes.

6. In the past, they were shunned from playing in France because they only sang and wrote their songs in English. Fortunately that changed.

7. Phoenix has a rule that every record they make should be under 40 minutes.

8. The band used Oblique Strategies (a set of flash cards that is supposed to help artists break creative blocks by encouraging lateral thinking) to help them write their breakthrough album Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

9. As Big fans of Michael Jackson, Phoenix bought the recording console used on Thriller to make Bankrupt!

10. Remember last year’s Coachella when Phoenix and R Kelly did Ignition mash-up? Phoenix are big fans of R Kelly. Brancowitz said in an interview that they’re part of a secret society of R Kelly.