#DWP16 : A Melting Pot of EDM Ravers

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As we’re stretching our dancing muscles, we realized that this weekend is going to be our 7th Djakarta Warehouse Project to attend.And yes, we’ve been there before you even can spell EDM *coughs-new ravers-coughs*. From that 7 years, we have seen them all types of people that you meet at a rave party. We won’t be labeling them as ‘the worst type’ or ‘the best type’, you’ll be the judge. So, since you and your group are going to #DWP2016, we’re giving you some heads up on the individuals that you’ll be raging with during the raving.

1.The Virgin

 They will look shy or might be styling themselves with an over the top wardrobe. We’re sure you remember your first #DWP, you must be wearing the clothes that you love the most, the outfit which gives you that dashing look. These rave virgins just radiate the glowing joy and excitement of being exposed to the rave party. Isn’t it great looking at them and they remind you how your first #DWP went. Much love, kids.

2. The Hammered Babies

 We’re not pointing that these ones who got wasted too much as the worst, BUT REALLY, you’re going to notice this type of people easily. Actually there are two types of the hammered babies. First, the ones who got wasted even before the rave lit – they hit the booze way too early then they just missed the whole party because busy puking. The second is those who got wasted after several punches and crazily smashed the whole party. Time your drinking game wisely kid!

3. The Cynicals

 This. We’ve been to DWP for so many times *winking at Ismaya Troopers* and confusingly, we always meet those people who are so cynical of the fest. They will drop and complain shit comments then mock the ravers, DUH! if they hate EDM so much, why they bother raving. Make way for the real raver to rave! Oh, they must have got the tickets for free.

4. The Cool Kids

You know those groups of know it all who act like they own the place? Yes, you’ll find some of those at #DWP. Beware, they can get a bit, or too loud from time to time. Other thing is, they always travels in group. Don’t let them block your way of having a great time!

5. The Veterans

 The most respectable status amongst all #DWP goers, the veterans. The old player, the ones who have been there since the beginning. They have been going to this rave party for so long now that it’s become a tradition for them. You won’t see them going crazy or going nonsense drunk, no they play it cool. We salute you DWP veterans. Teach us your ways.

These are just a glimpse type of people you’d see at #DWP. Who knows there’ll be new types of raver to add to the list. So, from those five types, which type are you?