Local Vocal (No.3) : Dialog Dini Hari

Dialog Dini Hari is not a new comer, that is for sure. Formed in 2008, the band was initiated by Dadang from Navicula and Mark and Ian from Kaimsasikun. Dialog Dini Hari was where their ideas might flow diversely from their identity-genre. In layers of folk, blues, and ballad, Dialog Dini Hari poetically delivers their view about social reality, life, love, or environment.

“Segarkan ingatanmu saat menghirupku
Resapi rasa hadirnya diriku
Aku bisa hidupkan dirimu hari ini
Terbang melayang, ke awan, menghilang
Datang dan pergi sendiri, tak terkendali”

(And that was a song about oxygen. Told ya, poetic.)

Dadang’s recognizable bariton voice along with strum of the guitar and beat of the drum has created a signature ambience: you’ll know them when you hear them. Their latest album is Lengkung Langit (2012) after Beranda Taman Hati and Dialog Dini Hari.

You can continue to immerse yourself with their sets in https://soundcloud.com/dialogdinihari