Basic (B****es’) Guide To #WTF17

WTF17 - Submit Your Music


We are coming to that time of the year again. By that we mean, it’s that time of the year for We The Fest! And this year WTF came back for not their usual 2 days but 3 days! If you’re like us, then you have been preparing for this day since the beginning of the year, because God forbids you’re going to miss this year WTF and break the tradition.

But really, you think you know how to survive #WTF2017? Or probably this is your first time for #WTF since you cried yourself out over not going the previous installments (especially when you saw those celebgram’s feed after last year wtf’s madness). Take a seat and notes, before storming on H&M and become crazy on your summer outfit plan, these are some declassified guidelines for you to survive on WTF.

1. Make sure you secure your 3 Day Pass!

You have to realize that We The Fest is one of the hottest festival in the country, and this year they’re going full force with a 3 day festival. A lot of people would want to go to all 3 days. So we recommend you getting the 3 Day Pass before you regret missing all the fun.

2. Get Pumped Up with Killer Playlist

Nothing prepare you for a festival than listening to a playlist to get you pumped up for WTF17! Head to Ismaya TV channel to check out their official We The Fest 2017 playlist. And what do you know, you might discover some new favorite music.

3. Set your own lineup beforehand

WTF is a big festival, meaning it’s going to have more than one stage distributed around JIExpo. Thing is about big festival, your favorite artists might not be performing on the same stage or, God forbid, performing at the same time on different stages. To get the most of the festival, make sure you check We The Fest and/or Ismaya Live social media for schedule updates. Create your own schedule of artists you want to see to make sure you don’t miss any of the fun.

4. Comfy First


While WTF is known to be the most fashionable festival in the country. Every year a lot of people came to the festival wearing well thought out outfit, and they just gets better every year. But the one important thing you have to remember is to wear something comfortable. There’s nothing wrong about getting creative about your outfit, but make sure they are comfortable. You’re going to be active, watching shows, and running around from one stage to the other stage, might as well be comfortable.

5. Get there early

We The Fest is that festival who has everything! Not just music, WTF has arts, games, food that will keep you well occupied and entertained. So before you devour the awesome line up, make sure you come in early to check out everything else. Plus, if you come early, you won’t miss any of the lineup.

6. Keep Hydrated and energized


WTF is an all day event, you’ll need all of your energy to get through the day. Don’t forget to keep your body hydrated and don’t forget to get yourself something to eat. Luckily for us We The Fest always has the best varieties of tenants selling delicious food. They got you cover!

7. Be In The Moment!


Hey man, imagine being at the festival singing your heart out to your favorite The Kooks tune, or boom clapping to Charli XCX, don’t let anything distract you from that moment. So forget about updating your social media for a while and just be in the moment.