The Next Big Thing (No.33) : AlunaGeorge

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Unlike many other male-female duo which usually focuses on the lead female vocal, AlunaGeorge says otherwise, by making sure that the spotlight fits both of them entirely. The London-based pair of Aluna Francis and George Reid had a fateful chance encounter when George remixed Aluna’s former band called My Toys Like Me in 2009. Their musical nature met an instant chemistry after working on several songs including their first EP, You Know You Like It.

Started out with Aluna writing people’s stories into lyrics and George composing the danceable beats later turned into a hybrid of R&B and electropop that is said to have ‘a bright future’ in the music industry.  Aluna’s intriguing and sultry vocals mixed with George’s rhythms that are playful  yet eerie enough to grasp the listeners makes the duo an unquestionable favorite to a very wide range of music enthusiasts. AlunaGeorge’s first official single ‘You Know You Like It’ went viral between the underground crowd, with the cut-clean chic contemporaries that the band represent and the undeniably good tunes. Described as ‘lustrous’ by Pitchfork, and ‘thrillingly futuristic’ by The Guardian, the musical experiment of fusing musical element that seems light years away with the nostalgic trait of the good old TRL days, AlunaGeorge has gained more and more recognition for having brought the change that today’s music needs.

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After a very successful track, their second single in 2012 was ‘Your Drums, Your Love’ which yet again amazes the listeners, and inevitable gained tons of new ones. During an interview with BBC Radio 1, the band announced Body Music, their debut album of the year with 14 freshest tunes that sent the album into the top 2 US Heatseekers and the 11th in the UK albums chart. Their slow yet steady journey to the peak will inescapably reach a sure end. Their recent release of another single, ‘Attracting Flies’, where Aluna’s vocals two-stepped into the dark side, bringing in what sounds like a hybrid between the sugar and spice. In contrary to the title, the only thing that the song was attracting was more listeners, specifically two millions of them.

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With the fierce and endless battle between musicians and the genre they represent, AlunaGeorge’s incompetency to belonging in one solid genre gives the benefit of earning more listeners from a wider perspective. Their debut album will certainly not be the last we will be hearing of them. Curiouser and curiouser? Go give them a listen, you know you will like it!